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Reagan And Newfoundland

Other perspectives

ByDominic Jacovacci

You can fall in love in the most unexpected situations and circumstances. This is precisely what happened with our lead of the story, who, on his journey towards rediscovering himself, met with the most awkward of situations and ended up in utmost chaos. But that didn’t stop our lead from finding love and taking the next step. But is it that easy? With a twist of fate and bizarre challenges, will the lead find a chance for a blissful ending? The character hails from Europe and wishes to visit New York for the very first time. He is an ultimate overthinker and spends most of his time analysing others and their behavior. But a twist in fate lands him up in a small town in Canada with no luggage and no hope of returning back. Here the story begins with an adventure, culture shock and making the small moments count. The writer, through his novel, has played beautifully with the characters, and the book is worth reading.


Publication Date
Nov 28, 2022
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Dominic Jacovacci



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