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Masking the Truth

How Covid-19 Destroyed Civil Liberties and Shut Down the World

ByDonald Jeffries

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In Masking the Truth: How COVID-19 Destroyed Civil Liberties and Shut Down the World, best-selling author Donald Jeffries thoroughly documents what he calls "The Greatest Psyop in the History of the World." From padding the stats for "COVID" deaths that were from other causes, to admitting the COVID-19 strain has never been isolated, to covering up the massive numbers of deaths and injuries from the "Warp Speed" vaccine, Jeffries shows how we have been lied to repeatedly about every aspect of the COVID narrative, from the very beginning. “Don Jeffries is one of the most important and original social commentators writing today. He is always ahead of the curve and always fearless. Never miss an argument from this writer of integrity and insight.” — New York Times Best-Selling author Naomi Wolf “One of the reasons I have appreciated my friend Don Jeffries over the past three-years, so much, is that his analysis of the plandemic, from the left, was like my own and I didn’t feel so alone. We need books like this to provide us a clear, and factual record of what can never happen again: the gross violation of public health, civil and human rights with the slash and burn policies of the global self-proclaimed elite.” — Cindy Sheehan, Peace and Social Justice Advocate “As a cast member of a television show that exemplifies much of the American dream, I am increasingly aware that this dream is under attack. From the presentation of a lifestyle that is no longer attainable by the middle class to the forbidden depiction of a nuclear family with two parents where neither of them is an idiot. Jeffries’ book represents the point of view that is much like many Americans, myself included. For those of us, who have learned not to trust the government and the mainstream media it controls, this pandemic just never passed the smell test. The information presented in this book represents something as forbidden as the nuclear family: DISCUSSION.” — Susan Olsen, Actress (The Brady Bunch) and radio host


Publication Date
May 24, 2023
Social Science
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By (author): Donald Jeffries


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