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Uncle Don's New World Order

ByDonald Smalley

Explicit Content
Also available on paperback. So much better than television. 489 pages. Not a comedy book for stupid people. If you are looking for an alternative to television, look no further. This is Uncle Don's 4th color variety parody book written by Donald Smalley in Ansonia Connecticut, USA. He's grateful to Joe Biden for having some obvious cognitive issues as well as a dedicated socialist sidekick, who's never there at his side to kick. Not a ton of covid jokes in this book, since covid was covered extensively in Uncle Don's Modern Times (386 pages). There are plenty of other catastrophes in this brave new millennial world, like mail-in elections, Critical Race Theory, Resurrections, Missing children, Russia, China, North Korea (still), more zombie escapades to eat up, pics from a nostalgic past and the questionable future. New in this book is Uncle Don's Picture People, performing in several comic stories including a 40 page comic entitled, "Alice in Washington"- Lots of fun and adventure. Also unique to this 4th book of Uncle Don is 2 TV reboots told in 60 pages each.... Gilligan's Island & I Dream of Jeannie. The daughter of Gilligan's Island creator Sherwood Schwartz did not approve, so you know it's got to be good. The book ends with I Dream of Jeannie, written as Sidney Sheldon intended. Since the burning down of MAD magazine, Donald Smalley is the only soul in the world still publishing comedy parody variety and is trademarked and copyrighted. Just like other Uncle Don Comedy books, he, explores his invented Myku Poetry, takes a wack at steampunk, has a lovely intermission, and says goodbye to his loyal short story characters, Jesus & Bigfoot. Uncle Don takes his laughter very seriously, and you may have to see a doctor after experiencing this very snarky, but stimulating journey through the comical mind of a free thinker. You will want to share this book with a friend. 3 "F" words 1 "SH" word and 1 "AH" word. 1 Adult situation (Major Nelson declines). Please buy this book and worship its author. No, the author did not write this. I swear.


Publication Date
Dec 16, 2021
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Donald Smalley



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