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Are You Fit for the Kingdom of God?

ByDonald Werner

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What’s the main theme of the Holy Scriptures? It is a story of God’s quest for gathering subjects for His soon coming eternal Kingdom. At the end of time God will establish His earthly Kingdom. However, unlike earthly kings, God will handpick who will be in His kingdom. It’s at the final Judgment that God will separate the ‘sheep’ for eternal life in His Kingdom from the ‘goats’ who will receive their eternal destruction. How does God decide who are the ‘sheep’ or the ‘goats’? God is testing all people, and based on the results of a lifetime test, God will hand pick who He wants in His kingdom. What character types is God seeking? Imagine that you are a king and you need subjects for your kingdom, what qualities would you be looking for? A king will be looking for loyal subjects who love the king, someone who honors the King, obeys the King, loves his neighbors, does acts of mercy, kindness to those in need, etc. It's very important for us to understand who God wants in His kingdom, because He is testing us daily and we need to pass the test. I will share with you, from Scriptures, insights that the churches have neglected to teach. I believe you will be amazed and your relationship with God will be changed, forever.


Publication Date
May 6, 2020
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Donald Werner


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