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Revelation's Truths that Christians Must Know for Salvation

ByDonald Werner

God looking into the future, to our time, saw serious problems with the Christian Church. Because of those problems God saw the need for one last book to the Bible, to give us His final: advice, instructions, encouragements and warnings. God didn’t take actions to correct the Christian Church, but instead He calls His people out of that corrupt system which He refers to a Babylon the Great. Why did God need one more book? Looking into the future, God saw that the whole world is deceived by the beast and it follows after the teachings of beast, and that results in the deceived people unknowingly worship the beast. Unless we know what those deceptions are and who the beast and his image are, how will a person ever avoid those deadly deceptions and get out of Babylon? Those who are deceived by the beast and his image are in Babylon and they bear the ‘mark of the beast’. The Book of the Revelation tells us who the beast and his image are, and what those deadly deceptions are. Then He calls His people to come out of Babylon, He doesn’t just call them out, He tells them what they must do to get out. He gives them the eternal and Everlasting Gospel. When you study the Everlasting Gospel, it become clear who Babylon is. We come out of Babylon by living out the Everlasting Gospel, which is the only way anyone is redeemed, in both the New Testament and Old Testament eras. Only then do we come out of Babylon and overcome the mark of the beast and his number and will avoid the plagues. Within the Christian Church there is a lot of speculations, but, the Christian Church doesn’t understand who the beast is, who his image is, who Babylon is or what the deadly deceptions are, so they can’t help anyone to get out of Babylon. Of course, the Christian Church doesn’t see a problem with the Christian Church, but God does. In this book I will explain who the beast is, who the image of the beast is, and the deceptions that cause people to be part of Babylon – and unless we understand that we are hopeless to get out of Babylon.


Publication Date
Aug 6, 2022
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Donald Werner



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