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A Seasonal Gardener's Handbook (PDF)

A Guide to Knowing When to Plant, Prune, and Tend Using Natural Events of the Earth

ByDonna L. Long

There are many other sources that tell you what garden tasks to do each month. But this guide teaches you how the workings of the Earth, Moon, and Sun affect your garden. Learn how to use the rhythms of the Earth, the Moon, and the Sun to guide you into becoming a better gardener in tune with nature. Learn these concepts for gardening success: Learn how to use the natural warming and cooling of the Earth to plant at the optimal times. Learn the simple ingredients to great compost inspired by Earth's natural processes. Learn why plant origins are important to their success in your garden. Learn to understand the timing of planting and why cool season crops planted at the wrong time, fail. Learn how to harden off step-by-step Learn the importance of chilling hours for some plants Learn how to plant by the phases of the Moon Learn the different annuals and when to plant them.


Publication Date
Jan 7, 2021
Home & Garden
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Donna L. Long



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