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Learn How Marriageworks!

Learn How Marriageworks!

ByDonna S. Johnson

WHAT IS THIS BOOK ABOUT? Real Talk about Marriage and the truths every wife or wife to be should be told and given the opportunity to think and pray about. There are a lot of women who want to get married but have not really considered what it means to be found as a good thing! There is a difference between finding a woman and finding a wife. I have been a career oriented woman from the beginning of my marriage of 32 years (2nd Marriage) I have made mistakes and I promised the Lord that if he would help me to be a good Christian wife that I would share with other women, what that looks like! God kept his part of the agreement and so it is time now after 32 years for me to share what God has taught me. This book starts at knowing yourself, deals with unrealistic expectations, the skill of forgiveness and the abundant blessing of having sex in marriage! So for you brave souls who are willing to receive some insight and honestly seeking wisdom on how to be a good wife, read on.


Publication Date
Jul 2, 2014
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Donna S. Johnson



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