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Emotional intelligence for the integral formation of children

ByErika Schiller LizcanoDougglas Hurtado Carmona

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Emotional intelligence has become very popular in recent times in the educational scenario, where educators, through awareness of the emotions they feel and handle, can produce satisfactory changes in the development of their work practice, above all, because from An effective performance leads to excellent quality when establishing contact with other people in order to provide pleasant environments where teachers and students develop. From this perspective, it is interesting to understand that having emotional skills implies having a trained teacher to solve the problems that constantly arise in the classroom, bearing in mind that each student reveals different behaviors from each other, which is why it is essential to know effectively from the intra and interpersonal to act consciously in the integral formation of the boys and girls. The above implies from the educational field, promoting in educators the development of emotional skills in the school context, since it is interesting to use effective methodologies to carry out the purposes of education, in order to integrate it into the teaching activity of students. Children, thus achieving social cohesion, learning and emotional well-being in infants. Likewise, empowering teachers in emotional skills implies having entrepreneurial schools where the educator becomes an agent of change in constant training, which will allow them to strengthen their socio-emotional skills through training programs designed to understand their emotions, conducive to powerful actions and systems that allow responding to the environment, directing awareness to move people towards attitude change.


Publication Date
May 19, 2022
Education & Language
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By (author): Erika Schiller Lizcano, By (author): Dougglas Hurtado Carmona


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