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When God Intervenes: The Beginning of the End

ByDouglas Berner

"When God Intervenes" is an examination of God's Day of the LORD. How does the Church Age end? What is the Beginning of the End? What role does the rapture of the church play in these events? God has committed Himself to intervene in the affairs of mankind to glorigy and magnify His own Holy Name. The Bible refers to that time of divine intervention as the Day of the LORD. The entire world faces a time of great change, chaos, and upheaval. A time of cosmic disturbances, war, famine, pestilence, and earthquakes looms on the horizon. It is a time that begins as a great cataclysmic metamorphosis between the present Church Age and the coming Messianic Kingdom. When God intervenes on earth, the Day of the LORD begins with the Beginning of Sorrows. What is the Beginning of Sorrows? How will it affect every person on the face of the earth? What Bibllical war marks God's dynamic intervention in the affairs of the world? How do the pieces of the prophetic puzzle fit together at the Beginning of the End?


Publication Date
Aug 5, 2013
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Douglas Berner



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