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Segulos & Tefillos for Protection and Success

ByDovid Boruch

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This pocketsize Sefer, contains many wonderful and powerful Tefillos & Segulos from the most trusted of sources (provided in the Sefer), prescribed by the greatest Torah giants, Tzaddikim and Mekubalim from the times of Chazal until recent Tzaddikim, for: - protection from Ayin Hara, disaster and plagues - finding favor - spiritual and material success - longevity - righteous children - empowerment over the Yetzer Hara - and for many more matters The Tefillos and Segulos are in Hebrew (with Nekudos). Introduction, instructions, explanations and biographies are in English. Including a short biography on each Tzaddik that is quoted to familiarize the reader with the Tzaddik that prescribed that specific Segula. As well, it includes several Segulos against plagues and epidemics. Notably, Rav Shimshon of Ostropoli's Segula against plagues. Rav Chaim Palagi quotes the Ramban that reciting the order in which the Jews traveled through the desert is so powerful that in a time of plague, one who recites it daily will be saved. The accepted order in all Sefarim is the way Rav Shimshon of Ostropoli gave over. Here, it is translated and completely elucidated in English, with additions from later Mekubalim. (click here for list of Segulos [For other Segulos from Rav Shimshon of Ostropoli, see Yeshiva World article, R' Shimshon of Ostropoli's (1599-1648) Erev Pesach Segula That Saved Lives.] Segulos & Tefillos are in Hebrew. Instructions & explanations are in English. Includes short biographies (50) on each Tzaddik that is quoted Purchasing this Sefer acknowledges faith in the Tzaddikim that prescribe these powerful Segulos. However, nothing is 100% guaranteed, that being said, this Sefer is 100% worth the purchase! סגולות ותפילות נפלאות ומוסמכות נגד מגיפות כמו קורונה ווירוס. ועשרות סגולות לשמירה, ממגיפה ועין הרע, לחן, להצלחה ברוחניות וגשמיות, בנים צדיקים, ועוד כמה ענינים. מגדולי הדורות. התפילות והסגולות בלשון הקודש, וההדרכות באנגלית


Publication Date
Jan 27, 2020
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Dovid Boruch


Interior Color
Black & White
Pocket Book (4.25 x 6.875 in / 108 x 175 mm)

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