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The Gift of Ruin

How Conquering Your Pain Will Lead To Your Purpose

ByDr. Alison Ezell

Every woman grows up with the desire to experience the American Dream. We want a beautiful house, handsome hubby, adorable kids, and a successful career. So we get married, start the business, and begin building the dream. And then life happens. What seemed like the perfect gift has become tainted. The dream we once clung to slowly becomes a nightmare. The remnants of heartache, divorce, loss, and struggle creep into our lives, and we have no clue how to relieve the pain that stems from the broken American Dream. But then something else happens. Your nightmare begins to turn into a dream again. You start to realize that chasing the American Dream isn’t all that it was cracked up to be. You begin to embrace your truth by conquering your pain and creating a life filled with purpose. In The Gift of Ruin, Dr. Alison Ezell shares her journey to womanhood. She eloquently discusses Marriage and Relationships, Wealth Building, Mentorship, Leadership, Purpose, Health, and Self Development. Knowing the power of these tools, she wants to equip women with the knowledge to embody each of these entities in their lives successfully. The Gift of Ruin symbolizes that even though some are going through nightmares of chasing the American Dream, there is always a silver lining in the cloud. There is still Purpose in the Pain. There is always a Gift amongst Ruin.


Publication Date
Aug 31, 2020
Personal Growth
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By (author): Dr. Alison Ezell



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