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Straight from the Heart

Straight from the Heart

ByDr. Anil Malhotra

Heart disease is rapidly becoming one of the major causes of death in western countries and, increasingly, in developing countries as well. This book is an attempt to address the very difficult issue of what a heart patient and his family need to adjust to after the panic of the heart attack is over and the necessary emergency measures have been taken at the hospital. How does one adjust to a life of reduced expectations, of continuous fear of the unknown having touched the edge of mortality? Does one give up on all worldly pleasures and seek refuge in a careful, deliberate withdrawal from all things joyful? Or does one reorganize one's life to be one of even greater and deeper pleasures and moment? In this book, the author, who was diagnosed with chronic heart failure as a result of a heart attack and given but a few years to live by the best of medical opinions, describes his struggles to understand and to come to terms with his predicament.


Publication Date
Oct 2, 2011
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By (author): Dr. Anil Malhotra



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