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ELA Quick Looks Grade 3

ELA Quick Looks Grade 3

ByDr. Katrina HardinDr. Bobby Allen

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ELA Quick Looks focuses on key concepts for teaching language arts. The content and strategies are reflective of Common Core reading standards. The skills were selected based on the major work of the grade. The format and framework for implementation help students understand what the standard expects them to “know” and “do” to achieve mastery. Students must access their learning and receive feedback on their progress toward mastery. These lessons were designed to easily move students through intentional instruction. Teachers will open the lessons by administering the Pre-Post Test. The tests were designed to establish a baseline, track achievement, and help students make personal academic goals. The first administration is for data collection only, not for a grade. It is important to see how familiar students are with the skill and if they have any prior knowledge. Once the teacher establishes a baseline, they can plan data-driven instruction to move them toward mastery. Teachers will introduce or review the expectation of the standard with an Instructional Snapshot that can also serve as an anchor chart. The Instructional Snapshot provides concrete examples of the skill and often addresses misconceptions. The snapshot helps explain the skill or concept and is used as the first practice opportunity. After completing the introduction of the skill using the snapshot, teacher can hang it in the classroom as an anchor chart. The purpose of the graphic organizer is to guide students through a strategy for learning the skill. Each graphic organizer includes key academic vocabulary. Teachers will model using the graphic organizer with the ELA Action Plan Activities to practice the skill. Each skill has eight or nine practice opportunities. The assessment questions are designed to mirror state assessments that focus on Common Core standards. To close the lessons, students will take the Pre-Post Test a second time for another data point or grade to see depict student progress. The second administration of the assessments allow students to track their progress and see if they met their personal goal. The results will be great conversation starters for data conferences.


Publication Date
May 25, 2022
Education & Language
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By (author): Dr. Katrina Hardin, By (author): Dr. Bobby Allen


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