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Spiritual Identity Theft - Paperback By Dr. Ekaete I. Ettang

ByDr. Ekaete I. Ettang

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Spiritual Identity Theft - Paperback By Dr. Ekaete I. Ettang Are you a young man or a young woman? Do you understand the uniqueness of your identity? These could have been very simple questions to answer some decades ago, but not now. Even among the older members of our community, the question of whether they are men or women is not easily answered either. Identity theft is the worst danger facing this generation of teenagers and youths. Young people are the prime target in this crime and if there is any time in history when the risk of identity theft s not only to be feared, but fought against vehemently, it is now! With the internet becoming the real world for so many of our children/youth and deception on the increase, there has been wanton destruction planned by the robbers of identity. Today, our children are surrounded by dreamers, human traffickers, false prophets, false ministers, etc… who are corrupters, defilers, and abusers of mankind. The dangers are not limited to the club houses or streets worse still in their schools and places of worship. The spiritual leaders, teachers, house helps and friends turn into wolves in sheep clothing to devour our young people. How prepare are you to tackle these robbers?


Publication Date
May 14, 2022
Religion & Spirituality
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Dr. Ekaete I. Ettang


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