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URU - Motherland of the Gods

URU - Motherland of the Gods

ByDr [hc] Rex and Heather Gilroy PhD

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It has been asked - What have Rex and Heather Gilroy got in common with people such as Sir Arthur Evans; Heinrich Schiemann; Augustus Le Plongeon, and his wife Alice Le Plongeon? The answer is that all were historical researchers and archaeologists, and the discoverers of ‘Lost Civilisations’! Sir Arthur Evans unearthed the Minoan civilization; Heinrich Schliemann excavated Troy; while Augustus and Alice Le Plongeon revealed the Mayan civilization, and in more recent times the Gilroys have been uncovering the oldest [megalithic] civilization on earth, the Uru, which began in Australia, and whose stone remains date back 60,000 and perhaps over 100,000 years old! Our evidence is found in this epic, monumental book, of a Stone-Age Aryan civilization that spread its knowledge to help in the rise of cultures across the earth at the dawn of history. In 1964 long before I met Heather, I had theorized that certain ancient myths and legends of our Aborigines spoke of a mystical race of white skinned ‘culture-heroes’ who had ruled this land in the ‘Dreaming’. These almost forgotten traditions led me to begin a search for evidence, which on Saturday 16th January 1965, while exploring dense Blue Mountains bushland, led me to discover a large sandstone altar in the form of a snake, the remains of megalithic structures and a crumbling terraced flat-surface pyramid! My quest, now with Heather, continues today. Those ruins were my first evidence of the “Lost Civilisation of Uru”. Later I discovered the written [rock] script of this ancestral Aryan people and learnt to decipher it. Its rock inscriptions reveal evidence to dispute the fabled Atlantis of Platon. All our evidence survives in remote Australian mountain and jungle country; upon scattered Pacific islands, Easter Island; the Americas; South-eastern and mainland Asia. Our massive collection of relics, ie stone idols, inscribed stones and pyramids, reveal a lost history now re-discovered by Heather and I. Our evidence surely proves our theory that Australia, the Land of Uru, where the first life on earth began and the first hominins emerged, was the land where the first civilization evolved. Read of the earliest pyramids constructed on Earth; huge megalithic temples, great stone deities and the Uru’s influence on the ancient world. Here truly was the “Motherland of the Gods”.


Publication Date
Oct 17, 2021
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By (author): Dr [hc] Rex and Heather Gilroy PhD


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