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The Young Amateur's Guide to Radio Physics: Tools For Young Peoples' Active Participation in Interplanetary Science and Exploration Using Amateur Radio, and Introducing MMARS and GAIA---Mars Mission Amateur Radio System and Global Amateur Interferometer A

ByDr. James Popoff, AJ4XI

The value proposition for the book is to learn radio physics, pass the FCC Technician license exam, learn how to construct our own radio transceiver, and finally, learn how to design, equip, and operate an amateur radio station. Although there's no guarantee of success, the end result should be a person who is a capable radio-electronics technician, who can build things that are useful. It does this in eight volumes of 150 to 200 pages each. In a larger sense it encourages young people and kids to engage in science and engineering through participation in amateur radio. The motivation is the opportunity for youngsters to communicate regularly with our interplanetary explorers and, in dialogue with them, to participate in the Interplanetary Age as scientist-explorers themselves. I equip the reader with enough mathematics, science, and engineering know-how for she or he to be able to collaborate with other radio amateurs in the initiative I call the “MMARS and GAIA project" and join the world of amateur radio.


Publication Date
Dec 20, 2013
Science & Medicine
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Dr. James Popoff, AJ4XI



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