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The Dark Face of Marxism

Rites of Passage of a Master Spy

ByDr. Julio Antonio del Marmol

In the aftermath of the La Coubre explosion, young spy Julio Antonio del Marmol must explain to Che Guevara why he had been named in a note left by the man who was in charge of the operation. Feigning ignorance, he must still go to the French embassy to meet with the Beligan ambassador and the insurance adjuster to explain what he knows. Che informs him that the French ambassador is on their side, but he thought that the Belgian ambassador was a spy for the West. Later, his contact with his uncle, the Chinese girl Chandee, verifies this information and Julio Antonio develops a plan to get rid of the watchers Che will set on him as well as the French ambassador so that he can speak with the Belgians alone. The plan works to perfection, and Julio Antonio is able to tell the insurance adjuster what actually happened and why. He then receives the news that his girlfriend, Yaneba, and her entire family had been killed in international waters as they left Cuba, shot up by a MiG Castro had sent to destroy any who would attempt to escape Cuba. He finds out that photos were taken of the attack, tracks them down, and disguises himself to get into the Belgian embassy. He delivers them personally to the ambassador as another proof of Cuban denial of basic human rights. Unfortunately, on his way to personally hand the photos off to the courier, the ambassador is assassinated in a way that it looks like an accident, and the photos have disappeared.


Publication Date
Dec 17, 2021
Biographies & Memoirs
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By (author): Dr. Julio Antonio del Marmol



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