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What's In A Name? - Book 1 of 2

The Truth Behind the Names of God (Father)

ByDr. Roy E.Dr. Kay Fairchild

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For some time now, we have explained the word "name" as used in the phrase, "Jesus' name," and "giving us a freshened (new) name," as meaning "nature," as in pray in Jesus' nature. A greater understanding is the word “name” to the ancients denoted “way.” Therefore, the “name of Jesus” infers doing things his way or doing as he did. It means to: Seek first the kingdom of God (going deeper into ones’ self), and his righteousness and all things from within will be unfolded. It means: Entering the prayer closet (within) closing the door to appearances. It means: Taking no thought of outer realm things which appear. It means: Practicing the single eye causing the body to be filled with light. It means Meditation. It means: Saying only what we hear Father say and do only what we see Father do. That is the reality of the ‘Name of Jesus’ rather than a phrase that we begin or end our prayers with. Now, certainly, we have seen the results of speaking that name in prayer, but to truly experience ‘fruit that remains’ we follow his ‘way’ of life. Living the Christ (contact) life, or living our life as Christ (as Jesus did), makes all the difference where manifestation is concerned." We also see the same when it comes to our Father because Jesus manifested our Father perfectly. So, in our book, we see the many historic names of Father, including, yes our nature and character, but also the “Way” of living our life, and what we believe, see, and say. In our book, we will share the meanings of seventeen names of Father, representing the way the Hebrew people related to Father.


Publication Date
Nov 23, 2021
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Dr. Roy E., By (author): Dr. Kay Fairchild


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