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Save Your Life Before the Government Bans It

ByDr. Lisa Ann Homic, M.Ed. D.C.

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What is the government banning? Your life? Not quite. The powers that be think new laws must constantly be enacted (they can’t just take a breather and leave well enough alone). They don’t want the public burdened with personal decision making. How kind. More and more decision making is taken out of your hands. We must learn what it takes to promote and protect health before the free flow of information is taken away. We are forced to make ourselves unhealthy by eating toxic foods and using toxic health care because they are more prevalent than healthier options. The healthier options will continually be kept from us if we are not careful. We must protect our right to refuse treatments we disagree with and protect access to health alternatives that are often discriminated against by big organizations. I firmly believe it is most empowering to work hard on health building. Enjoy the journey.


Publication Date
Dec 4, 2011
Health & Fitness
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Dr. Lisa Ann Homic, M.Ed. D.C.


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