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Healing America - Manifesting Love and Light in the United States of America

ByDr Mark O'Doherty

The International Community should be advised that the US-Government is currently in dispute. Due to failings by the Biden administration - as well as the previous Trump administration - the US is currently like a lost puppy, which needs guidance by the NGO Community to restore America’s integrity, virtue and respect in the International Community. As things stand, the Biden administration is failing to uphold America’s moral obligation and commitment of protecting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) in Afghanistan. Over 70,000 Afghan police and armed forces died in the struggle to protect Afghanistan; and for anyone to say they wouldn’t fight is a slight that is not worthy of any politician in a free country. Three million people have been displaced in Afghanistan so far, and thousands of civilians have been murdered by IS-K and Taliban extremists – killing human rights activists, journalists, judges and public figures - as well as perpetrating summary killings of former security forces. Furthermore, the UN estimates nearly 23 million Afghans – about 55 percent of the population – are facing extreme levels of hunger. Also, women are being increasingly hunted down and shot dead by Taliban extremists, who have perfected ways to infiltrate women’s groups. Also, the Taliban leadership is failing to bring violent extremists and terrorists from IS-K to justice; due to bad governance and of fear of retaliation by Islamic State. Hence it is imperative that the US intervenes with more aggressive counter-terrorism capabilities and International Peacebuilding measures; to prevent the killing of innocent civilians and children in Afghanistan - so that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) can be restored in the region. This includes the PM of Pakistan, Shehbaz Sharif - who should work together with the International Community to bring violent extremists to justice; so that the children in Afghanistan can live in safety and go to school - in particular girls who are prevented by the Taliban to attend sports, secondary schools and universities - which is unacceptable. The International Community is advised to keep a safe distance from the US-Government until these human rights issues have been resolved, and the American government has agreed to evolve and improve itself. In the meantime, domestic policy, foreign policy and human rights issues concerning the United States of America will be handled by the NGO BTB-Global Peacebuilding.


Publication Date
Aug 18, 2021
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Dr Mark O'Doherty




“Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality.” ― Abraham LincolnHealing Afghanistan – Restoring the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) in AfghanistanThe Guardian: "I am an Afghan woman working for a western NGO in Kabul. I feel forgotten" / In the past I thought that, if worst came to worst, the NGO would protect me. Now I think they have forgotten meBecause of commitments by international allies, at least we should have the chance to apply for a visa. It is not yet clear whether I will get one or not.But I worry for my sisters who are young and vulnerable, since they don’t have any connection with the international community and will be left behind.[...] Our fate lies in the hands of western governments. They will decide who to save, and who to ignore. And that breaks my heart."The plight of women helped justify war in Afghanistan. Now they have been abandoned" / Female doctors, journalists, police officers and politicians face acute danger from the Taliban"Malala Yousafzai ‘deeply worried’ as Taliban take control in Afghanistan" / Pakistani activist who was shot by group for championing education for girls calls on leaders to interveneIn her 2013 book I Am Malala, she describes the Pakistani Taliban invading her valley, closing down and destroying girls’ schools, and the constant state of fear from continuous gunfire.There are also increased reports of gender-based violence by the Taliban – including abductions, forced marriages and rape – with a 21-year old girl shot dead by the Taliban for not wearing a veil in the northern Balkh province.RFE: "Afghan Police Say Taliban Killed Young Woman For Wearing Tight Clothing" / Police in Afghanistan’s northern province of Balkh say the Taliban killed a young woman for wearing tight clothing and not being accompanied by a male relativeUSA Today: ‘No possible life’ under Taliban rule: Afghan women fear murder, oppression after US withdrawal"Women Used As Sex Slaves for Taliban, al Qaeda"According to a report in Time magazine, government officials and witnesses have revealed that the Taliban routinely kidnapped women from Tajik, Uzbek, Hazara and other ethnic minorities to be trafficked and used as sex slaves.Human Rights Watch / Afghanistan: "Taliban Target Journalists, Women in Media" / Human Rights Watch found that Taliban commanders and fighters have engaged in a pattern of threats, intimidation, and violence against members of the mediaCBC News: "Afraid for their lives, Afghan women judges desperately seek escape from Taliban" / In a Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, women judges are 'infidels' who could face imprisonment or death"[The Taliban] believe … women who work as a judge are infidels. I think the Taliban's coming makes Afghanistan regress about 100 years back."There are about 270 women judges in Afghanistan — all of them in danger and all of them desperate to flee after the Taliban seized control of Kabul on Sunday.According to the International Association of Women Judges (IAWJ), there have been recent reports of deadly car-bomb attacks targeting Afghans who work for the courts, as well as their families.In January, an unidentified gunman ambushed and killed two female judges from Afghanistan's Supreme Court."The Taliban's first target is the military and their second target is the judiciaries and the judiciary officers, including judges."Women's Human Rights – International Justice Resource Center / Rights of women under international lawInternational human rights treaties require State parties to take proactive steps to ensure that women’s human rights are respected by law and to eliminate discrimination, inequalities, and practices that negatively affect women’s rights.As a particularly vulnerable group, women have special status and protection within the United Nations and regional human rights systems.International human rights treaties prohibit discrimination on the basis of gender and also require States to ensure the protection and realization of women’s rights in all areasFrom property ownership and freedom from violence, to equal access to education and participation in government.Hence by international law women's rights must be ensured and protected in Afghanistan. Individuals and organisations who violate women's rights and fundamental freedoms must be brought to justice - so that rule of law can prevail in Afghanistan.CNN: Gen. Petraeus on why US may regret pulling troops from Afghanistan / Newsweek: "Gen. David Petraeus Says Afghanistan Collapse 'Catastrophic' for U.S."David Petraeus, the retired Army general and former director of the CIA, has called the Taliban's tightening grip on Afghanistan "catastrophic" for the U.S. and the world.Petraeus, who previously served as the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, described the fall of Afghan cities to the Taliban as "disastrous.""This is an enormous national security setback and it is on the verge of getting much worse unless we decide to take really significant action."CNN: "Top US general says terror groups could reconstitute in Afghanistan sooner than expected" / There is also concern a Taliban takeover will further the humanitarian crisis in the country and lead to a resurgence of al Qaeda"Yes, I have passion, I have anger. ... For everyone who we promised we would protect, how are they ever going to get out of there as of today?""Former NATO commander speaks to CNN about the Taliban's takeover" / US Army Gen. Wesley Clark told CNN that despite the Taliban having committed to an opaque "general amnesty" for all Afghans, the group has a long track record of doing the opposite.The Guardian: "A massive policy fail’: CIA warned White House of swift Taliban takeover" / Former CIA counter-terrorism chief Douglas London says Biden was warned ‘Afghan forces might capitulate within days’“Blaming the intel community is going to end poorly. There is a huge paper trail of warnings [...] This is a massive policy fail from policymakers.”"CNN reporter details clashes between the Taliban and Afghans outside Kabul airport: 'This was mayhem. This was nuts.' " / The Taliban is setting up checkpoints and clashing with Afghan citizens trying to leave the countryIn short, the US leadership has gone a bit soft and timid - as recent events in Afghanistan have shown, basically handing over the country on a silver platter to Taliban and ISIS-K - pursuing a naive pacifistic policy which failed badly.HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH: “No Forgiveness for People Like You” / Executions and Enforced Disappearances in Afghanistan under the Taliban.CBS: "ISIS-K is trying to undermine Afghanistan's Taliban regime, from inside and out" / Some Taliban foot soldiers are believed to have abandoned the group to join ISIS-K or al Qaeda, preferring an even more extreme interpretation of violent jihadism.ALARABIYA NEWS: "Once-bustling Afghan Embassy in US down to few diplomats" / Senior Afghan diplomat in US implores world not to recognize Taliban pointing to the radical group’s suppression of women and human rights violations.ALJAZEERA: "The UN estimates nearly 23 million Afghans – about 55 percent of the population – are facing extreme levels of hunger" / "In Pictures: Hunger, poverty continue to stalk desperate Afghans"ALARABIYA NEWS: "US pledges $308 mln in humanitarian aid to Afghan people" / "Ghani blames US deal with Taliban for fall of Afghanistan: “Instead of a peace process, we got a withdrawal process.” He claimed the deal “erased” him and his government.THE GUARDIAN: "Ashraf Ghani blames international allies over Afghanistan’s fall to Taliban" / In first interview since fleeing Kabul in August, former president says US ‘erased’ Afghans in years of peace talks with militants."On the brink: drought and politics leave Afghans fighting famine" / "The people of Afghanistan are starving; to turn our backs on them is morally wrong" / REUTERS: "Unmitigated disaster: Republicans attack Biden's defense of Afghan pullout"CNN: "GOP congressman places blame on Trump admin for crisis in Afghanistan" / "Counterinsurgency expert: Afghan collapse 'massive morale boost' for terrorists" / "Taliban accused of murdering pregnant Afghan policewoman in front of her family"ALARABIYA NEWS: "Afghan women protest in Kabul, demand education and work" / "Taliban dismiss UN concerns on women’s rights in Afghanistan" / "Death toll from Afghanistan bomb attacks rises to at least 16: Officials"GUARDIAN: "We are worse off: Afghanistan further impoverished as women vanish from workforce" / "Taliban dissolves Afghanistan’s human rights commission as ‘unnecessary’" / ‘We had 4,000 policewomen in Afghanistan. Let them get back to work'To regain leverage over the Taliban and other terrorist groups in the region – and to restore the UDHR and UNCRC in the region – it's necessary for the US Army and US Air Force to retake Bagram airbase and other strategic locations.And I'm sure that my friend President Joe Biden and the International Intelligence Community - as well as the Prime Minister of Pakistan, my friend Shehbaz Sharif - are in agreement, that it's imperative that the UDHR and UNCRC are restored in the region.

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