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The Legacy of Benjamin Netanyahu and the Likud Party in Israel – A Military Government facilitating Disregard for Innocent Life, Overpopulation, Suicide and Violent Extremism in Gaza

ByDr. Mark O'Doherty

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Speaking before a group of foreign ambassadors to the United Nations on one of his final days in office, President Reuven Rivlin in New York issued a plea to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to “forget about the past” and work together with Israel to achieve peace. “We are not doomed to live to together, we are destined to live together. It’s our role to end conflict,” Rivlin said in a speech at the tail-end of his farewell tour in the United States. “Let’s forget about the past. Let’s build confidence. There are opportunities to achieve a bright future for our peoples. We are interested in continuing to work with the UN in order to meet the humanitarian needs of the people of Gaza, with whom we have no conflict,” Rivlin said. Hence it is imperative that peace and harmony are manifested in Israel-Palestine; and that all parties concerned start working towards a just and fair Middle East peace plan – as well as restoring human rights, human dignity and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) in the region. It is also imperative that the Bennett-Lapid government is fair and just; and that policies implemented are free from systemic injustices, so that equal rights and legal equality can be manifested in the land. This also means that Hamas’s extremist leaders - in particular Mr. Ismail Haniyeh, Mohammed Deif and Marwan Issa - need to reconcile and make peace with Israel. Otherwise the Gazans must find a new leadership, so that the Gaza blockade can finally be lifted, and the UDHR can be restored in the land. It should also be noted, that more than 2.5 million Palestinians live under Israeli rule but cannot vote in national elections. This must change. All people in the land should be eligible to vote and stand for election – as stipulated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). This also means that legal equality and equal rights must be manifested in Israel-Palestine by legislation. Hence it is imperative that the Knesset implements the necessary legislation that ALL people in the land are equal under the law, and eligible to vote and stand in national elections. Failure to do so, will increasingly label Israel as an Apartheid State. That is the reality of the situation, Mr Naftali Bennett and Mr Yair Lapid! In other words, the Israeli judicial system alone, will not be able to manifest legal equality in the land. The Knesset - in particular the Bennett-Lapid government - will also have to do its part.


Publication Date
May 26, 2018
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By (author): Dr. Mark O'Doherty


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Black & White
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She was killed by a Russian missile, soon after arriving in Kyiv to report on Vladimir Putin’s invasion.TIMES OF ISRAEL: "Israel scrambles for solutions as Ukraine war chokes off egg, wheat imports" / "Zelensky warns of ‘complete disaster’ after Russia lays mines around homes, corpses" / Mariupol humanitarian crisis deepens.As the leader of the UK, US and EU Intelligence Community - including MI6, DGSE, CIA, BND, FBI and MI5 - I can safely say that the Putin regime is edging increasingly closer towards its demise - and that Truth, Liberty and Peace shall return to Russia.We encourage the MVD, FSO, SVR, FSB and GRU – as well as all brothers and sisters in Russia – to rise up and overthrow Vladimir Putin, so that the killing of innocent children, civilians and soldiers can be stopped, and peace can be restored in the world.

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