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One Month In a Wig and Tori Burch Purse

ByDr. Pamela Hall

Sometimes, we think people are being evil and unsupportive, when in all actuality, it could very well be that God is using them to call you to a higher level of healing. There is an ancient saying that people 'overcome by the words of testimonies.' With this being said, I hope you find a sense of internal and professional overcoming through the words of my testimony. I also hope that you see the significance in having sisters in your circle that love you enough to call you to a higher level of energetic vibration. It amazed me that something like a wig and a purse could have such a tremendous impact on my inner healing and ultimate deliverance. Truly, God can use any vehicle to bring about the change that needs to take place within us. I certainly learned to see things and people and MYSELF in an elevated light and especially learned to see how my energy impacts those around me. As you read, I hope you laugh and above all, I hope you are inspired.


Publication Date
Apr 25, 2018
Personal Growth
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By (author): Dr. Pamela Hall



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