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Where Are You Going? Do You Know for Certain That You Have Eternal Life?

ByHarry OtsujiDr. Richard L. Perez

Today, we face an onslaught of information as we attempt to understand our place in the world. We have focussed our attention on this world and have ignored the world beyond this life. HiTech has subjected us to virtual reality where we feel free and responsible for our own destiny. This book is based on the premise that there is ONE eternal reality ruled over by the God of the Bible who is infinite and omnipresent. Our sense of reality has been led askew as we are bombarded with media devices and images which ignore our sense of belief in eternal life. There are two types of human beings: those chosen by God and those who reject Him. This book highlights the work of J.I. Packer-"Knowing God." It is the foundation upon which many have grown in Christian Faith and their acceptance of Him as the eternal being who knows and cares for us since the beginning of time. Those who have not accepted him are consigned to the darkness of eternal Hell. Realize that knowing Him and being known by Him leads to salvation


Publication Date
Jul 30, 2012
Religion & Spirituality
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Harry Otsuji, By (author): Dr. Richard L. Perez



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