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How You Live 1 Day After Forever

ByDr. Roy C. Starr, PhD iM

This book contains the secrets to living forever in good health without disease. Living forever without the fear of withering away, losing mobility, becoming a burden to others, forgetting who you are, where you live, or forgetting those you love. This book will tell you how to get healthy, become slim and fit, mentally sharp, self-reliant, and be a productive member of society. Death is not a certain once you understand the secrets known by the immortals among us. I am living like an immortal and you can also be living like an immortal. I want to share with you one of the best kept secrets on the planet given to me by “1251” (an immortal) who walked into my office one day. You do not need to be wealthy, privileged, or chosen to become an immortal. You only need to be open to the idea of change and get to know how to manage your body, mind, and spirit. This book concentrates on the physical aspect of immortal living and details the diet changes you need to make to get healthy, stay healthy, and live forever.


Publication Date
Dec 23, 2016
Health & Fitness
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By (author): Dr. Roy C. Starr, PhD iM



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