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Reverse Coloring Book Wellness Tool Phygital Color In Reverse Digital Line Art On A Metaverse Mannequin Immersive

ByDr. Teo Wan Lin

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A NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN VIRTUAL BEAUTY TOOL Uses Imagination Therapy Method By Dr.TWL for neuroplasticity, creativity, relaxation, stress relief and painful emotions like depression, anxiety and anger Metaverse Beauty: The World’s First Mixed Media Phygital Coloring Book Designed by an Expert in Neuroaesthetics Freely express yourself with any media, ink, pencil, pastel, and even your fingertips on your tablet with organic lines and shapes guided by your emotions. Without rules, worries or judgement, this beauty tool is based on the author’s research in imagination therapy based on cognitive science for an adult coloring experience that relaxes and relieves stress. Reverse Art In Immersive Surreal Metaverse Color Q4 2022 Launch Bonus: 36 instant downloadable PDF for self-printing for experimenting with phygital art combining traditional media, digital finger art renderings and virtual reality. Enjoy infinite renditions and frame your masterpiece. The Perfect Gift of Beauty Metaverse Beauty in Line Art, Reverse Color, Finger Color, Pencil Color & Journal: All in One Activity Book with Inspiring Poetry Begin with a poem inspired by the metamorphosis of the migrating monarch butterfly, as you bring your own beauty story to full color. Includes the bonus 12 Days Of Beauty black and white coloring/journaling pages for reflection. Intelligent Beauty: Reverse Color Your Age With Your Mind Based on original research on the brain-skin connection by internationally renowned dermatologist and researcher Dr. Teo Wan Lin, this one-of-a-kind immersive coloring experience harnesses the science of neuroaesthetics for beauty, brought to you by the author herself. Why You Will Love This Imagination Therapy for Beauty on a Metaverse Mannequin - Digital 60-page immersive reverse coloring book - 36 original 4-D artworks created for the metaverse. - Reverse color with lines, shade, doodle on the meditating metaverse mannequin gorgeously filled with vivid aura colors representing her thoughts and emotions. - Freely express your emotions and thoughts This 95-page printed ink edition comes in single sided bleed resistant full color illustrations perfect for framing and displaying your finished masterpiece. *The coloring book comes with a scannable QR code to password protected access of a downloadable full resolution PDF for print and phygital coloring on tablet surface.


Publication Date
Oct 21, 2022
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By (author): Dr. Teo Wan Lin


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US Letter (8.5 x 11 in / 216 x 279 mm)

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