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Theatre of the Fantasising Mannequin: Crazy Art Abstract Coloring Book for Adults Fantasy Art Unicorn, Butterflies, Flowers, Still Life Composition Grayscale, Pastel, Reverse Color Black Pages, Brain Game Puzzle Dark Art Gothica, Intricate Patterns

ByDr. Teo Wan Lin

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Q4 2022 Launch Special BONUS: - Glossy Laminate DOUBLE SIDED 2-WAY Fantasy cover - A brain games activity book for self-guided sessions according to the DR.TWL IMAGINATION THERAPY method - 35 Original high resolution illustrations digitally enhanced for optimized monochrome printing and drawing experience with white, pastel, neon gel - Includes 6 SPECIAL illustrations on an digitally optimized black slate/background for a sleek minimalist blackboard effect - BONUS BRAIN GAMES ACTIVITY PAGES for guided neuroaesthetic self-therapy (instructions included) and - FRAME your customized therapeutic masterpieces showcasing your inner world Welcome to a Crazy Relaxing Dream: Immersive Reverse Coloring Harness Neuroaesthetics for Mental Wellness: A Crazy Art Coloring Book for Adult Relaxation Contains - Reverse Black Print Coloring Pages - Still Life Composition in Grayscale - Pastel with Rainbow Unicorns, Butterflies Flowers - Crazy Bizarre Dreams - Intricate Patterns - Word Riddles - Surreal & Fantasy World - Dark Art Gothica A crazy coloring book with bizarre juxtapositions of the dream-like and the mundane for a fantasy coloring book experience that is also a brain game, word teaser and puzzle for stressed adults. Relieve stress, relax and play with this reverse coloring adult coloring book with 35 original illustrations of a metaverse mannequin on custom-drawn grayscale on black printed pages including 3 BONUS BRAIN GAMES ACTIVITY PAGES for guided neuroaesthetic self-therapy (instructions included) and 6 SPECIAL illustrations on an optimized black slate/background for an outstanding matte finish with pastel, white or neon gels. THEATER OF THE FANTASIZING MANNEQUIN: IMMERSIVE STILL LIFE WITH SURREAL FANTASY ART Experience a different still-life composition reverse coloring experience with rainbow unicorns, butterflies and flowers juxtaposed with familiar everyday objects that draw you into a surreal dreamscape. MESMERIZING PATTERNS Indulge in your love for fantasy art with inspirations from the metaverse, dark art gothica drawn with the most intricate patterns. BRAIN TEASER RIDDLE IN A PICTURE Tease your mind and emotions with dark humor and irony Created by Dr. Teo Wan Lin, a dermatologist and expert on neuroaesthetics, a coloring book series designed to train your brain in neuroplasticity and mental health resilience. Enhance connections that improve your mood, memory, creativity, mental clarity, word finding abilities.


Publication Date
Oct 21, 2022
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All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Dr. Teo Wan Lin


Perfect Bound
Interior Color
Black & White
US Letter (8.5 x 11 in / 216 x 279 mm)

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