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Essays in Intertextuality

ByDrew Leonard

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Have you struggled with how to read the Old Testament prophets? Have you had difficulty with interpreting some of the ways that the New Testament writers draw attention to various Old Testament texts? Have you heard of “types”? Do the prophets predict, prophesy or both? Is there a difference between the two? Have you questioned the inspiration and/or inerrancy of the biblical text because modern scholars have “flattened” the quality of it, the nature of it and the writers involved in its production? If you have ever considered these questions, this book can help you. In this work, one is challenged to think about the prophetic texts, the New Testament's use of the texts and the unity of the canon as a whole in a more creative, illuminating way. By providing the necessary exegetical tools and a framework for approaching the texts, this book will leave the reader more comfortable with approaching passages from both testaments, some of which are not even analyzed within this work. Within this work, one will not only become more familiar with a conservative, rational hermeneutic for approaching the biblical canon, but he will also start to see the intimate and creative ways in which God has worked with His people throughout history, climaxing in the events of the Jewish boy, Jesus.


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Jan 3, 2021
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Drew Leonard


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