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Exposition of Revelation

ByDrew Leonard

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Who is the Lamb-Lion? Who is “the Beast?” What is meant by “the mark” of the Beast? Is Wallace right about the dating of John's writing before A.D. 70? Is nuclear war in our future? Did John speak about the Roman emperors? What does Jerusalem have to do with the book of Revelation? How could John say that the book was “near” in his own day? Did Jesus abandon His promise to “come quickly?” What is one to make out of the “new heavens and new earth?” And, is there any real way to approach these questions with objectivity, or must one either engage in guesswork or trust what the modern “experts” say about the end of the world? These are the kinds of questions that are addressed in this book. The entire text of Revelation is treated here, with attention paid to the major views that surround the book. In an understandable-yet-in-depth manner, this book will leave you with answers to your questions about John's Apocalypse and prompt you to want to study other areas of the Holy Scriptures. So, grab your Bible, a pen and paper and study the book of Revelation for yourself!


Publication Date
Jan 2, 2021
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Drew Leonard


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