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You May Be “Insane” and You Don’t Even Know It!

ByDrew Mcpherson

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This book contains a model of human functioning that I have built up over many years. I was confused about why people behave so strangely and had a need to qualify my observations. After failing to find a satisfactory explanation in existing literature, I developed and documented my own model. It contains a psychological spectrum similar to the autism spectrum, and a triad of imbalances. When it was complete, I realized that it was so all-encompassing and yet so simple that others might benefit from it. In the course of coming to an understanding of human health - psychologically, emotionally and physiologically, I came to realize the cause of and hence cure to most diseases. I am beginning to suspect that this book may be difficult for many people to read, nevertheless here it is. <br /><br /> By the way, the latest version of this book is now available to read for FREE online at <a href="">Drew Mcpherson</a>'s home page.


Publication Date
Oct 29, 2006
Personal Growth
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By (author): Drew Mcpherson


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