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Wonderful Strength of Fruits and Vegetables

Wonderful Strength of Fruits and Vegetables

ByDr.Pockerkutty K

So many of us wish we had more energy, better abs, and sharper focus. Likewise, we often find ourselves wishing that we had better skin or hair. We wish that we could sleep better at night, and wish that it was a little bit easier to wake up (those last two points are related, by the way!). This has led to the emergence of numerous industries, all built around helping us to feel, look, and perform better. We spend huge amounts of cash on skin care products, sleep supplements, and gym memberships. We try all kinds of crazy things, whether that’s lying on a bed of gentle spikes to improve sleep (yes, that’s a real thing!), wearing blue-blocking shades all day, or wearing energyhealing crystals (which are about as effective as wishing really hard!). We try these things because we’re looking for answers, and we’re desperate. We’re willing to try anything. And we hope, each time, that we’re about to stumble upon the answer and unlock our full potential


Publication Date
Jul 29, 2022
Health & Fitness
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By (author): Dr.Pockerkutty K



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