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Nubook One - Adventuris Series - From Then to Now

ByDuane the Great Writer

In this True Life Adventure, you will meet Rebazar Tarzs, a RealGuide from the secret part of Life. You as the reader will find yourself moving into new vistas and ethereal worlds of magnificent beauty, beyond what you can imagine for yourself. In Unseen Universes, there is a TruReality so Real, that it would definitely seem as though it could not exist at all. The wisdom contained in this Episode of Life, is for everyone who has the Heart to See. Take your time reading what your heart has always wanted to be confirmed, and you may be one of the Lucky Ones, who really does See what others cannot. This Real Adventure is only for The Real RiskTakers, those who dare not to bow to what The Authoritarians, The War Mongers, and The Brutalitarians have devised for all unaware humans. DUANE THE GREAT WRITER is presenting Something Wonderful for those who take the time to pay attention. The Whole of Life is far Too Real, and so Patience and Persistence must become one's TruIntent.


Publication Date
Nov 2, 2013
Education & Language
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Duane the Great Writer



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