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Spooky Space: Creepy Otherworldly Tales

ByGary HillElizabeth Lynn Blackson

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As long as I can remember I have had a fascination with space. One of my earliest memories was watching the original "Star Trek" when it was in its first run as just a toddler. Then, of course, I was a kid in the golden era of space exploration, watching the lunar landing live on television. I was also a big fan of all things spooky at around the same time. I can remember running home from grade school every day to watch the exploits of the reluctant vampire Barnabas Collins on "Dark Shadows." So, to me the mix of space and spooky seems almost natural. In 2021 a writer named "Elle Hunt" created a real controversy by tweeting that horror cannot be set in space. Now, she said that in a film forum, but she didn't specify movie horror, so I would suggest that her assertion was meant to apply to fiction, as well. Then, in February of 2023 a different writer, Emily Hughes, penned an article wherein she asserted that all space stories are horror stories. Clearly those two had staked out opposite sides of the argument. My opinion is probably closer to that of Hughes, although I seldom use absolutes. Clearly the very act of space travel, with a vast un-caring universe surrounding every traveler, ready to kill them if something goes wrong, has its own level of horror to it. Elizabeth Lynn Blackson's story in this tome ("Terrors of a Tin Can Ape") does a great job of conveying that. Of course, in her tale, there are terrors to be found on terra firma for our intrepid traveler, as well. The stories here all have some level of horror or at least danger to them. Then again, this book isn't titled "Space Horror." It's called "Spooky Space," so not everything has to be horror. E. Eggert's "Dead Planet" is perhaps more science fiction adventure, but there is a monster and lots of death involved. Dustin Urness' "Blood from Another Planet" brings more of a pure horror vibe to bear in the form of vampiric terror. . Part of my story "The Stars" takes place in space, while part of it is on Earth. It definitely has a cosmic horror element at play. My "Prelude to War" might not seem immediately horror-based or necessarily spooky, but it does relate directly to two classic horror or horror adjacent stories. This set closes out with one of those stories I mentioned in the previous paragraph, H. P. Lovecraft's "The Colour out of Space." While not set in space, space is clearly an integral part of the tale. Gary Hill


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Sep 4, 2023
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By (author): Gary Hill, By (author): Elizabeth Lynn Blackson, By (author): E. Eggert, By (author): Dustin Urness


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