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Soul of a Woman...Soul of the Land (ebook)

ByE. Tomarke

The country has changed. Souls are up for grabs. A mother named Lina struggles to explain the controversial choices she made. Accompanied by old letters and journals, she drives to Montana, retracing a trip where two decades earlier a strange series of events turned a family vacation into a trip from which she could never fully return. Along the way, she mulls over the undercurrents of the alleged American Dream that she lived, apprehensively longing to be united with the dreamer again. The dreamer, however, is dead. At least that’s what Lina believes until understanding emerges in unlikely places, reveals multiple faces of hidden realities—characters drawn together like star constellations. Her life is a microcosm of a greater ordeal, a lesson she learns when the words of a man named Bear manifest: What one does to the soul of a woman, one does to the soul of the land… A truth that becomes crucial when the economy crashes. (Note: This work includes the complete trilogy.)


Publication Date
Aug 6, 2010
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): E. Tomarke



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