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Time Management Tips: How to Get More Done With Less Stress

Time Management Tips: How to Get More Done With Less Stress

ByeBook Legend

1. Identify the activities in your day that are time-stealers. Keep track of how much time you spend reading emails, browsing the web and chatting on the telephone because these are some of the most well well-known time-stealers. After you track the time that you spend on these activities, it is likely that you will automatically start to decrease your time-stealing activities. 2. start by setting achievable goals. Even the smallest goals can put you on the track to better time management skills. Set a small goal, prefer not reading personal emails during work hours for a week or filing your mail the day it sees in instead of letting it pile up. Once you've achieved this small goal, move on to something|a factor|one thing} bigger. Before you know it your time management subjects will be a thing of the past. 3. Set up a plan for time management. Why? well, quite simply your efforts to better manage your time will not be noticeable until you start keeping track of the progress that you are making...


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Sep 21, 2011
Personal Growth
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