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Secrecy, Spirituality, And Political Education At Princeton. The Early 19th Century

ByEdited by Russell Creech

Willison Center Reprints ( offers this collection of rare Discourses by Princeton Presidents, Alumni, and Whig or Cliosophic Society members to graduating Princetonians. The Secretive Whig-Clio member Discourses are presently very rare, and reveal political strategy and doctrines that are desperately needed today. (Yes, they would be appalled at our near crisis political condition!) All the featured speakers occupied high office, most notably Samuel Southard, who served as a New Jersey Governor, President of the U.S. Senate, and Secretary of Treasury and War, and Nicholas Biddle, President of the U.S. National Bank, 1823-36. The Whig-Clio Selections unveil the reasons for the secrecy each society required of its members, with the U.S. Constitution's Framer James Madison (Whig, 1771) perhaps being one of the best known practicioners of the Society's secret arts. Each individual Discourse has a Quote page, making a great source of ready references.


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Oct 1, 2011
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By (author): Edited by Russell Creech



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