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Anatomy Sketchbook 2: The Best of Folios 1-3 Comments and Notes

ByEdward Gazsi

This, the second book in the series, focuses on the challenges and solutions to drawing the human figure well. The first of Ed Gazsi's books was "Anatomy Sketchbook: Drawing Lessons Using the Human Figure." The best life drawings from Mr. Gazsi's first three sketchpads are included in this, his latest effort. Each selected drawing is accompanied by thoughtful comments and notes that will engage both the beginning art student and the accomplished professional. Gazsi goes over the essentials of the ideal human proportions in both the male and female figure. He also covers the essentials and secrets necessary to good figure drawing. Gazsi is an accomplished National Geographic Magazine artist. His illustrations have appeared in three fully-illustrated books commissioned by HarperCollins. He has also won numerous awards for his paintings, including a coveted gold medal from the NY Society of Illustrators and gold medals in numerous miniature art exhibitions.


Publication Date
Jan 13, 2014
Art & Photography
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By (author): Edward Gazsi



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