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The Snow Queen: A Tale of Courage

ByEdward Gazsi

Edward Gazsi is an award winning illustrator who has focused on children’s books in the last twenty years of his career. “The Snow Queen” is a fully-illustrated fairy tale for all ages, and is adapted from Hans Christian Andersen’s original masterpiece. In his eighty page adaptation Mr. Gazsi follows the quest of a young girl seeking the rescue of her best friend. She encounters many adventures that are both exciting and full of danger. You will enjoy this version of the classic story which has plenty of twists and turns. And the story has a timeless moral that parents will appreciate. For girls and boys, seven and up, this is a must read. Adults will enjoy both the story and the artwork too. Mr. Gazsi has another fully illustrated children’s ebook, “Penelope’s Blue Pearl.” It features the adventures of a beautiful princess who sets out to find the castle of a nasty and ugly troll. The illustrations are wonderful, and the challenge of finding a little mouse hidden in each picture will entertain everyone.


Publication Date
Jul 25, 2013
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Edward Gazsi



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