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Latin: A Course in the Language and Civilization of Ancient Rome, Volume II

ByPatrick G. LakeJohn A. Anderson

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Volume II of this Latin textbook will finish introducing students to the complete and entire system of Latin grammar, syntax, and morphology; the text integrates the study of the Latin language with material on the history, literature, culture, art, and architecture of ancient Rome, al of which is richly supported with illustrations, chart, figures, and maps. All grammatical work is reinforced throughout with drills, sentence translation and composition, and readings in the original language, which include a vast selection of sentences and readings from Latin authors, which are both adapted and original. Great effort has been made the render the Latinity of the originally composed Latin sentences and passages such that they read like ‘real’ Latin, with ellipsis, ambiguity, and word order that is both artful and challenging. In short, the text is designed to open up to students the grandeur, beauty, and utility of the Latin language, fully integrated with the study of the civilization of Rome in its entirety. An effort has been made to select sentences and readings that are representative of the grammatical concepts and vocabulary introduced in each Lesson and which reveal important aspects of the values, history, and culture of the ancient Romans. Much of this material may be at odds with the values that we hold today, but it is important for students to see and to understand the Romans as they were: as deeply foreign and strange to us, but yet essential in forming the foundations of the language, law, literature, art, architecture, and engineering of our modern world. The text will be suitable for those teachers who prefer the traditional grammar-translation method or those who prefer the reading method. The original Latin sentences, while glossed, are often quite challenging and may best be read at sight in class with the instructor’s help. All forms and vocabulary introduced are collected at the end of the text in the appendices for easy reference for both student and instructor. With gradually accelerated frequency, review lessons appear throughout the textbook to reinforce concepts and allow students to solidify and synthesize their understanding.


Publication Date
Aug 24, 2022
Education & Language
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Edited by: Patrick G. Lake, By (author): John A. Anderson, By (author): Frank J. Groten, By (author): Stephen N. Ciraolo, By (author): Sean E. Lake, By (author): Edward J. Turner, Jr.


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