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Reasons for leaving religions

Reasons for leaving religions

Byehab bakr

This book is a personal vision and conviction, which I reached after reading many and many books, and I do not want to impose this conviction on anyone, and I do not want anyone to be convinced of it or follow it, but it is only a gateway to crossing into another world, a gate through which every person must pass. A sane person wants to know the answer to the riddle of life. I am not an atheist, and I know perfectly well that there is outside space and time a powerful and capable entity that has created the universe and created beings, but I did not find this entity in all of the Abrahamic religions. This entity may be (made and left), or it (made and watched) as happens in laboratory experiments, or it (made, watched and accounted for) or will be 3 selected, the assumptions are many and infinite, and each hypothesis needs study and analysis. All of these assumptions we cannot verify or test because the information does not exist. And since life, in our view, is a place for testing and evaluation for humans and the knowledge of the good and the bad, it is more correct that this test be without any cheating or discrimination, meaning that the presence of religions in our lives is to facilitate this exam for some humans, who were born and found themselves on these religions. For example, if we assume that the religion (Jewish, Christian, Islamic) is the truth and that whoever adheres to the teachings of this religion is the winner, you will find that there is discrimination for the owners of these religions, because they were simply born and found themselves professing these religions. As for the one who was born and found his family, community and country worshiping idols, and thus he was indoctrinated from childhood to worship idols, he has in fact been unjust. 4 Example: If you want to conduct an exam for a group of students to find out who are honest among them, so that you can rely on them and bear them honestly or reward them. Will you tell them (I will test you for honesty, and whoever lies is a loser)? Or will you test them and watch them from afar so that you can judge them truly and know the true and the false? The natural thing in this test or any other test to judge character and morals is that it is a (secret) test, and the examinees do not know that what is required of them is to show the moral side of their personalities, because if their character is bad and their morals are non-existent, all that is required is representation and claim durin


Publication Date
May 30, 2022
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): ehab bakr



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