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Yesterday and Tomorrow

Yesterday and Tomorrow

Introducing Folkish Paganism

ByEk Vitki

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Folkish neopaganism is a spirituality grounded in the love of one's family, ancestors, and life in general. It is an outlook that grants to each man and woman the opportunity to claim an honored place as an essential link between the past and future and a thread in the tapestry of fate. Yesterday and Tomorrow: Introducing Folkish Paganism reaches out across the Indo-European völkerwanderung to provide an introduction to a worldview rooted in earth and heaven, engaging of reason and imagination. Folkish paganism finds sacrality in the immanent and transcendental, and embraces organic life and spirit together while rejecting neither. Many excellent neopagan books have been written, but Yesterday and Tomorrow has a more distinctly masculine flavor, addressing an imbalance in presently available works. The breadth and depth of folkish neopaganism is presented with a Solar and Apollonian flavor. It was written toward the renewal of inspired, light-bringing thought in folkish circles. For Europeans the world over, the grip of Christianity on our lives and imaginations is fading and its institutional monopoly on “spiritual” life has disappeared. Yet so has confidence in the promises of materialism. It is impossible to simply turn back the clock to a long-lost past we barely know. By reaching back, Yesterday and Tomorrow provides a foundation from which to begin walking forward again.


Publication Date
Aug 6, 2022
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Ek Vitki


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