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The Alpha Wife - The Other Life - A Wife Guesses Wrong

3 Tales of Erotic Marital Misadventure

ByIlse Becker-TaylorCaspar Michael Friedrich

3-Books of marital misadventure of the female-led kind open with “The Alpha Wife” by Ilse Becker-Taylor, in which she poses the question: “Can a once manly man, stripped of his business, made bankrupt, and all but unemployable, also be stripped of the qualities that gave him his masculinity too?” The wife of this particular husband thinks that he can and, with the considerable help of the Indian widow a few doors down from her, sets out to prove it… Their success will change the life of a proud man forever… And NOT for the better! Next up is “The Other Life” by Caspar Michael Friedrich, in which after a light-plane crash a man finds himself switching between different realities in which everything - with a few differences - remains the same. One of those differences being the warm and adoring wife he loves in one reality has become a cuckolding dominant in the other he seems unable to disobey... And worse is to come when the loving wife of his real reality begins to take on some of the characteristics of the unreal second... Dominant and unloving characteristics! We conclude with Elise North’s cautionary cuckolding tale, “A Wife Guesses Wrong”, as a wife allows a friend to persuade her that the husband she loves is a candidate for the kind of humiliating female-led relationship she has with her own partner… Only to find both she, her friend, and the dominant black lover they choose, could not be more mistaken… And tragically so! ALL CHARACTERS ARE FICTIONAL AND OVER 18. ALL RELATIONSHIPS ARE CONSENSUAL AND THERE IS NO RAPE INCEST OR BESTIALITY.


Publication Date
Nov 7, 2022
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Ilse Becker-Taylor, By (author): Caspar Michael Friedrich, By (author): Elise North



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