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Transform a Painful Past in 5 Simple Steps

Transform a Painful Past in 5 Simple Steps

ByElise Photini Adams

Sharing from a been-there-done-that perspective, Elise Photini Adams outlines the simple, yet not always easy, steps she's taken to overcome a painful past. Focusing on practical DIY steps of recovery from painful, intrusive memories, Elise offers hope and comfort for those who struggle with betrayal, abuse or trauma. Elise is not not a therapist or licensed counselor yet she speaks with the authority of someone whose survived abuse, struggled to recovery and now thrives in a healthy marriage & full life. Not only has Elise recovered and healed from her own trials but she has made it her mission to offer hope to others, coaching countless clients and speaking to audiences of all sizes. This transformative book offers a glimpse into Elise's personally empowering message of self-directed recovery that will ease the mind of anyone struggling with bitterness or intrusive ghosts of past pain. (Same content as the print addition.)


Publication Date
Oct 29, 2011
Personal Growth
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By (author): Elise Photini Adams



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