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Gifted Blood

Gifted Blood

ByElizabeth Amisu

'The path was illuminated – not the whole path, for she didn’t need to walk the whole path at this moment. All she needed were the next few steps. She needed enough of the road to keep on walking.’ Hours turn into months in Gifted Blood, the fifth book in The Sacerdos Mysteries, and the terms of engagement with the Advorsa change too. Just when she is needed the most by the gifted of Terra Magna, Caelara is thrown into a far-flung world whose time is nearing its end. Meanwhile, global trade in gifted blood has dire widespread consequences. There are dark and dangerous effects for everyone. How will the gifted survive without Caelara there to lead them? Gifted Blood is the fifth magnificent book in The Sacerdos Mysteries series. In her very first book, author Elizabeth Amisu drew us into the magical world of Terra Magna. In the fifth book in the series Caelara’s connection with the gifted of Terra Magna becomes cryptic and strange. The Advorsa have warped the nature of gifted blood and Caelara’s quest for the Keys to Time and her lost family continues to drive her when all seems lost.


Publication Date
Aug 19, 2022
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Elizabeth Amisu



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