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A Hard Time At Her Hands

Men So Desperate They'll Wear Anything to Be Teased

ByEmily Masters

Why do men have penises? For their wives and girlfriends to play with, of course! To be toyed with, to be teased or even tormented, perhaps occasionally treated to a little more if the mood takes her, or else to be locked away until the next time she chooses to amuse herself with his manhood. There's no reason to let him make a mess, not when it's so much fun to keep him frustrated, but that doesn't mean he won't desperately beg for relief, going so far as to wear stockings and a bra in the hope of her sparing him the ache between his legs. In these stories about teasing and chastity, submissive men are unable to touch themselves, prevented from selfish pleasures by devices that keep them devilishly denied. Surrendering to lingerie is only the start of entertaining the women that love to emasculate them, being told to pull down their panties offering no guarantee of enjoying even an erection. Each will obey all the same, a part of him longing to suffer a hard time at her hands.


Publication Date
Oct 1, 2022
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Emily Masters



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