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Hired Out for Housework

Sissies Working for Women to Pay Their Way

ByEmily Masters

Being a maid means more than flouncing around with a feather duster, requiring a man to really sweat if he's to satisfy the woman he works for. It's even more emasculating when he's paid a pittance for his efforts, reducing him to the role of hired help for the pleasure of his mistress. His only reward will be to give her his meagre income in exchange for the privilege of serving, otherwise looking forward to long hours of thankless chores as he tries to pay his way. In these erotic stories about men working as maids, submissive sissies are required to take on second jobs, doing other women's cleaning because that's what their mistresses have decided. Ensnared by their own desires, they have little choice but to accept the most humble of positions, locked in chastity to ensure they remain focused on what they're employed to do. Wearing lingerie even when not in aprons and dresses, all will learn that hard work and humiliation go hand in hand when a man is hired out for housework.


Publication Date
Dec 1, 2022
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Emily Masters



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