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predicaments in pink

pastels and padlocks put these men in a pretty pickle

ByEmily Masters

A man knows his place when his wife makes him wear panties and a chastity device, but if she wants to be sure he won't forget his submission, then both should be pink! Feminine frills and locked pastel plastic will prevent his manhood from asserting itself too much even without her imposing more, but the women in these stories about emasculated men delight in dressing their husbands up in exquisitely girly lingerie. From lacy bras and stockings to skimpy nightdresses and matching high heels, all stress a man's helplessness, guaranteeing that his pretty underwear will be wet with sexual frustration! Pink can make sure a man stays in, if his wife wants to enjoy a naughty evening together. Equally, it can keep a submissive husband on his toes should he have to hide it in public, there being no way to explain this most unmanly of colours! Either way, a punishingly tight chastity device will ensure he won't enjoy his plight, instead making him suffer predicaments in pink.


Publication Date
Nov 14, 2020
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Emily Masters



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