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2022 Happy Hive Planner ebook

2022 Happy Hive Planner ebook

ByEmily Neal

2022 Happy Hive Planner (ebook): Following the example of the bees, organize your life to make your hive a little happier. Print the entire planner or just the pages you need. Here's what you will find in the planner: * Each month at a glance. * A datebook to write down important birthdays, holidays and trips. * Sheets to write down your goals for the year. * A yearly habit tracker: Maybe you want to track one activity for the entire year. Last year, for example, I colored in a square for each day that I walked outside. * Each month begins with a place to jot down your goals for the month. * A goal tracker where you can write in data. For example, maybe you want to read each day. Record how many pages you read in the column. * If you are trying to start a new habit, you can color in each square on the circular habit tracker to check your progress. * You'll find two pages at the beginning of each month to write down meal planning ideas. * And each week includes a two-page spread to record daily tasks, weekly goals, what you're reading or creating and daily gratitude. See inside pages at (This purchase is a download. This is not a physical product.)


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Jan 6, 2022
Personal Growth
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By (author): Emily Neal



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