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Survive And Thrive Work From Home

Get organised, stay healthy and take teleworking to the next level

ByEnamul Haque

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Because of the Pandemic, working from home has become essential, and it was fun initially, but slowly it has become harder, mainly to keep Work and personal life separate. Suddenly it has become clear that working from home also requires knowledge. It can also quickly become frustrating for many, creating mental and physical problems impacting creativity and job output. There are many considerations for a company to think about: digital transformation for the digital workplace, remote working policy, employee wellbeing, restructuring reward and recognition, re-arranging distance learning for professional growth, etc. While working from home, we need to take care of our physical and psychological health. We must be careful about cybersecurity, data privacy and many other security protocols. In this book, I have considered all the aspects of working from home, including how to earn money becoming a home- entrepreneur, what tools you need, how you can increase your qualifications, and a lot more. There are other online education issues, such as the increased dependency on collaboration platforms, student engagement, etc. Below, you will find a brief overview of the key chapters of this book: Introduction The impact of the Pandemic and the new shifting trends for work-life balance. How we get there is success for both employees and employers. Understanding The Basics The fundamentals of remote working. Understanding the norms, teleworking history, benefits, challenges, and a very high-level overview of the essential aspects of technology and culture. Work From Home Hacks A collection of the best practices to make your Work from home, work for you. This includes the very best tips and tricks for working remotely by personality, job type etc. This has a selection of top tools for remote use. Managing Remote Teams In many industries, it is already entirely normal for employees to work scattered across several continents, sometimes even on the same project. This chapter includes the very best of remote team management with efficiency. Wellbeing at Home Its now one of the prime concerns of remote Work. To improve efficiency in the new environment, management needs to develop new habits on their own and its employees. Here are some tips on how to do this efficiently that can make a huge difference. Technology at remote Work Working remotely requires technology to provide fulfilment. Hence, we must have the necessary knowledge about technology to our best abi


Publication Date
Jan 7, 2023
Social Science
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By (author): Enamul Haque


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