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The Math Packet

ByEric Min

The Math Packet is a book made over years of experience. Originally used to teach fourth and fifth at an elementary school Math Club, the Math Packet has grown over the years and is now available to a larger audience. Split into three simple sections filled with lessons and practice, the Math Packet lends itself to easy and quickly-paced understanding. In times of trouble, a glossary and answer key can come to the rescue. The material inside can serve people anywhere from the early years of elementary school to the later years of middle school, and possibly even further. Whether you are preparing for a math competition, are reviewing old lessons, want to excel in math, want to see what kind of math is awaiting in the future, or just enjoy math for what it’s worth, the Math Packet will serve endless purposes and help any reader have a better appreciation of math and what it can do.


Publication Date
Sep 30, 2011
Education & Language
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By (author): Eric Min



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