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How Real Estate Agents Succeed In…Marketing

ByErin N. Harrison

In my first year as a Real Estate sales person I learned to go the extra mile with marketing to beat the odds and become a Top Producer. In my second year, I started training other agents to do the same. Now I am sharing with you the 10 SIMPLE solutions that took me from zero to top producer in less than one year. Learn the strategies to turn around your business. -Act like you are a big business to earn big business. -Reach out to those you know and trust to grow your business. -Clients would rather be told too much than told too little. -Not just a regular open house! -Are you using yours to their fullest ability? -Stand out in the crowd. -How giving away value has an unbelievable return of investment. -Are you surrounding yourself with success minded people? -At the end of the day, success or failure is up to you. -Every successful company works by systems, do you? Read this guide if, and only if, you ready for a change and you willing to go the extra mile.


Publication Date
Sep 16, 2013
Business & Economics
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By (author): Erin N. Harrison



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